Humanities, Arts and Social Cohesion

Mação, March 30th to April 4th, 2020

This seminar will focus on how the discourse of the Arts, interacting with Humanities research, contributes not only for disruptive thinking and questioning of society, but also to foresight and social cohesion. This seminar will bring together researchers, artists, policy makers and students, for five days.

The Seminar is organized by the International Association APHELEIA with the UNESCO-IPT Chair in Humanities and Cultural Integrated Landscape management, the UNESCO-MOST Programme, the Municipality of Mação, the Geosciences Centre of Coimbra University, the Ci2 Centre on Smart Cities of Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, the International Master in Quaternary and Prehistory, the International Master DYCLAM and the International Council for the Philosophy and Human Sciences.