Apheleia is established as an Association of scholars with leading responsibilities in research and education institutions in Europe or having activities in Europe.


Apheleia aims at structuring a convergent set of strategies based in the methodology of the Humanities that will foster the need for a properly Integrated (as opposed to dispersed) Cultural (i.e. human and diverse) Landscape Management (rooted in human understandings and leading towards governance through awareness and critical thinking) for Local and Global Sustainability (addressing the great global dilemmas, but also focused on individual anxieties and needs).


The headquarters of Apheleia may be based in any of the associated institutions, upon decision of the Board. It is currently based at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.


There are individual full members, correspondent members, honorary members and institutional members, as well as observers.

Full members are scholars involved in projects of the Apheleia network of partners, having current leading responsibilities of projects in the framework or in association with Apheleia.

Correspondent members are individual scholars that participate in activities in the context of projects undertaken in association with Apheleia.

Honorary members are past full members that no longer have leading responsibilities of projects.

Institutional members may be admitted if they agree to the objectives and constitution of Apheleia, and will designate a representative to the General Assembly.

Observers may be individual or institutional and will obtain such status until the following yearly General Assembly, that will need to renew it.

The individual full members and one representative of each of the institutional members will have voting rights in the General Assembly. The remaining members may attend and intervene in the General Assembly, but have no voting rights.


Apheleia resources are those allocated through approved projects or allocated by partner or members institutions. Funds will be managed through associated universities or other institutions. In case Apheleia would require to directly manage funds, one of the deputy-coordinators of the Board will take the functions of treasurer.


Apheleia has a General Assembly and a Board.

The General Assembly is constituted by all the members of APHELEIA with right to vote, and meets at least once a year. The General Assembly meeting may be online, if required. Decisions are taken on the basis of a simple majority The General Assembly approves the strategy of Apheleia and elects the board. It also approves the by-laws, regulations and projects that implicate Apheleia, and its dissolution. The General Assembly may elect an Executive Commission, with at least 7 members, in which it may delegate its powers, except the election of the Board and the dissolution.

The Board has three members: coordinator and two deputy-coordinators. It has a primarily administrative and representation function, all major decisions to be taken by the General Assembly.

The Executive Commission, if created, will have the responsibilities assigned by the General Assembly, and will follow the same rules.


Apheleia is created as a follow-up of the strategic partnership “Apheleia – Cultural Integrated Landscape Management”. It will be primarily focused in presenting projects to funding entities that may contribute for the objectives.

Apheleia pays a special attention to European Commission programmes and to the programme of chairs of UNESCO.

  1. BY-LAWS

The General Asssembly shall approve the By-Laws of Apheleia.


Any proposal for a dissolution of Apheleia will require a vote in a special General Assembly, and needs to be approved by at least two thirds of the members.


CIPSH - Towards a Common Heritage

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