The APHELEIA strategic partnership recognizes that that there is no common understanding about the meaning of main key words on sustainability, once translated either into other languages or into other disciplines, nor even on a sharp selection of priorities. The purpose, then, is twofold: to select about 100 to 120 key words and to prepare a comprehensive correspondence matrix.

Each partnership member will start by suggesting between 20 key-words for its own understanding of sustainability, which will be debated and clarified online, also with the students’ contributions, afterwards.

Therefore, in the preparation of this years’ Intensive Program, please ask all speakers (staff and students) to identify keywords for Integrated Cultural Landscape Management for Sustainable Development, making an effort to:

•             Briefly define the word/concept;

•             Indicate synonyms of it;

•             Indicate its translation into at least two other languages.

These contributions may be, or not, part of the presentations during the IP, but in any case must be inserted in the website debate.

The lexicum will have several sections:

•             Global sustainability (coord. IPT);

•             Local-global interactions understanding (coord. FSUJ);

•             Regional development praxis (coord. CIMT, MM);

•             Fossil energy and sustainability (coord. UC-CGeo).

•             Small and medium entreprises (coord. B&P);

•             Natural resources and human adaptations throughout time (coord. UniFe);

•             Cultural landscapes (coord. UJM);

•             Low complexity production technologies (coord. ACINEP);

•             Urbanism and architecture (coord. BTU);

•             Art, history and landscape (coord. UEx);

•             Extra-European past contexts (coord. MNHN);

•             Heritage quality assessment (coord. HERITY);

•             Communication (coord. VU) ;

•            Documentation (VNMMB).