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Humanities, Arts, Technology and Social Cohesion

2020 VI APHELEIA International Seminar

This seminar focused on two complementary dimensions: how the discourse of the Arts, interacting with Humanities research, contributes not only for disruptive thinking and questioning of society, but also to foresight and social cohesion; and which are the specific interactions between the fields of technology and humanities research, namely the specific approaches of the humanities to the history of technology, from prehistory to contemporary times, the assessment of the nature of technology, its practical and symbolic relevance or the ethics of its use by societies, throughout time and until today. The seminar brought together researchers, artists and students, for four days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic context, the seminar underwent mainly with a limited number of students presentations and a daily conference delivered by an international invited scholar, but will include, in the final publication, the contributions of several researchers who had initially adhered to the programme. The sessions turned around four themes: heritage and cultural landscapes resilience and cultural landscapes resilience; diversity and cultural landscapes transformation; technology and structuring of cultural landscapes; and imagination and cultural landscapes innovation.”   


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